Nail Envy-My Motivation

Have you gone out there...and looked at all those awesome nail designs and nail techniques.  Well...I've spent the past 20 years collecting OPI nail polish...but I've just painted my nails in one of the polishes and left it at that.  I have to say...or admit...that back in the 80's, I was one of the first people to pierce my pinky nail...and put a charm in it...a homemade thing...because they didn't have that kind of stuff available yet.  But...that was about it.  I have this great picture of my Mom holding the newborn me...with these fabulous natural nails.  My mom has always kept a nail file and nice clear nail polish on her end table of the couch.  I just took it from there...I did my own acrylic nails at one time...but then I discovered...I like those natural nails better...

Well follow I try out these professional nail artist techniques for myself.  Let's see how I do...and if the techniques are as easy as they claim!  I've ordered from Amazon...the nail stamping kit...the Mash Nail art brushes...let's try them out!  Keep in mind I'm no artist...and left handed...


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