Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday night post is actually 12:40am Saturday morning. I wanted to make a post for tonight...but I Rock Banded with my friends until too late in the evening.  So...I took off my polish from last night...and cleaned up my nails and wanted to show my natural nails for tonight.

I did a basic manicure...and then added Nail Envy Strengthener.

This is without cuticle you see the creases in my skin.  Please ignore any little cotton fuzzies I might not have seen until I fixed the photo up.

So...I then wanted to much healthier the skin looks after I added cuticle oil.

The skin doesn't look as puckered and healthier.   Now...every night before I go to bed...I add cuticle oil and then I rub Avojuice from OPI (Coconut Melon scent) into my hands, arms, and elbows.  This helps to keep my skin healthy.  I also rub lotion into my skin as soon as I step out of the shower. By using lotions you are protecting your body's largest organ, the Skin.

I didn't have time tonight to do a new nail art...but I will make up for it this weekend with a wide variety of styles.

But...there is always a but isn't there.

I did finally get my Butter London order tonight, and a little something special also. West End Wonderland, Wallis, and HRH from Butter London.

A separate package came from an Ebay seller....Orly Fowl Play!

So expect me to be trying out these colors this weekend...and likely some kind of dotting nail art for Chalkboard Nail's contest.

Have a good tomorrow!   C

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