Tuesday, February 28, 2012

White french tip with Black flowers stamped -Fail

I was so not happy with my stamping attempt last night that I almost didn't post a report for today.  But...I might as well show you the EPIC fail.

I did beautiful french tips with Finger Paints Natural talent, Rimmels French white tip pro liner.

Then I attempted to use BM12 with Konad special polish to do these flowers.  As you can see...the stamp pickup with atrocious...then I had smudging from my top coat application.  To beat all...my dominant hand was the hand that ended up looking the best and is the one I've pictured here.

So...new goal...practice stamping!!!  Practice...practice practice!

I just don't get it...the french manicure by itself was gorgeous...I'm going to try something similar tonight but probably with just different colors and a different stamp image and see how we do...just need to practice and test out my technique.

Thanks for checking out my page!!!

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