Thursday, May 17, 2012

FP Micheltangelo with FUN2 gold stamping

I'm back...and crazier than ever.

Have my weekend planned...starting with Maifest...which is a little festival in Covington Kentucky. Good eats...good music and lots of crafters and fun. prep...I basecoated Finger Paints Micheltangelo...then I got out my new FAB UR NAILs FUN2 plate...and did some gold stamping.

A little pirate gold anyone?

It feels good for the weekend and fun...but a minor error...I got top coats on...and cuticle oil on and realized my right pointer finger had no stamping...oh was fun! (see big shoulder shrug here)

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  1. good posting about FP Micheltangelo with FUN2 gold stamping



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