Monday, May 7, 2012

My Boyfriend Scales Walls with Migi Flowers

I'm back...and soon so will the Spiderman reboot.

Sorry for the absence...I got extremely ill this weekend...on my 4 day weekend of course...but I am back to almost full functioning human now. Spidey collection came in.  And first out of the hatch is OPI My Boyfriend Scales walls.

Love the color...but yikes it was streak.  Not a great start...but we'll give a chance.  Took about four coats to make it presentable.

So...I wanted to continue trying out the Migi nail art pens.

Still not as happy as I should be with them.  The squeezing can cause air bubbles...and it might spurt out...or not come out at all at various intervals.  Cap it...swing it...try again...still issues. is the final result for tonight's performance.

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