Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoya Blogger Collection

I got in my Zoya Blogger Collection last week...but I didn't get to test it out until tonight.

It is fabulous! Spread on like a dream...and the color is gorgeous...gelish! I used Zoya Kate for this design.

So...to add a little finesse...a little bit of black stamping with RA-102 image plate.

As you can see...I did pretty good with the stamping and it looked fabulous...until I put in my Seche UltraV.
The middle finger stayed perfect...but the other two smudged...and this was the good hand.
All that stamping practice...and the top coat ruined it.  It still looks gorgeous to the naked eye!  

Get yourselves ready...I'm trying to come up with something cool for Dark Shadows night with my girlfriends on Friday night.  All girl night...with drinks at the VIP section in the theatre...can't wait!
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