Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little dotting for Leap year

So here it goes...my attempt at doing nail art using only dotting tools and regular nail polish.  We were allowed to put on nail polish with the aid of a brush...but needed to do something original with a dotting tool.

So...since tomorrow is Leap Year and a shout out for my big brother Mike's birthday....

I did a special little design:

Just so you can see the frog better

Now, just a little art history lesson.  Creating images from dots was started a long time ago...they call it pointilism.  Famous artists who have done pointilism include masters such as Vincent Van Gogh and his self portrait.

Well, I am no Van Gogh...but I like my little frog and my LEAP letters.  Have a good leap day everybody!

Check out my contest entry at Chalkboard Nails: http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2012/02/im-hosting-nail-art-contest.html

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