Monday, February 27, 2012

A girl on fire! Yellow and orange sponging with a little goldilocks then red striping

Well...after doing some pink sponging on Kelly's nails...I wanted to try it for myself.  I went with Luvables original yellow and orange colors, but I didn't do the flowers.

I started with OPI bubble bath of course...then sponged on OPI's The "It" color which is a gorgeous yellow.  Then I sponged on my newest cheap buy $4.99 clearance at Ulta, OPI's In My Back Pocket.  Then I did the final sponging with the deepest orange, OPI's Brights Power.  I let that dry a little bit...then put OPI's Goldilock's Rocks over the whole nail for some good yellow sparkle.  Then I took my Red striper...and did two lines.  For the thumbs I added 3 red rhinestones between the red lines.

Here are the polishes, Goldilocks is out of order in the was actually used 2nd to last.  The striper in the front of course was used as very last:


It's my Hunger Games girl on fire impression...let me know what you all think.  I need to get to work on my dotting design for Chalkboard nail's contest...and playing with my new stamping plates. 

I did have a major catastrophe this weekend, at least for a nail blogger.  I broke my left hand pointer finger nail.  I broke it in the corner pretty good and had to file it more as you can see in this picture it is pretty short in comparison.  But...I wanted to show you the left hand because it is my DOMINANT hand...and I think I actually did pretty good on it...considering I had to do the polishing, sponging and striping with my Non-dominant hand.

May the games be ever in your favor!

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