Friday, February 24, 2012

Didn't think I was gonna skip a day...did you?

A little something different today. Used my dotting tools and my stripers.

Started with Fuchsia fever from Revlon.  Then painted some flower petals in LA Colors Magenta and Sinful Colors Dream On.  A few more flower petals in Wet n Wild's I Need A Refresh-Mint.
Then did the leaves for the flowers with Orly Instant Artist Leafy Green striper.  Then finished up the flower dots with So Easy Stripe Rite White and then a copper curly-ques with the So Easy Stripe Rite Copper.

A little something different...the hot pink and magenta colors go with my shirt today.

Below are the supplies I used...see the advice I took of another blogger...and used a cheap contact case for my acetone and water. Even marked them with the letters to remember which is which!

SPOILER ALERT:  Go see 21 Jump Street

Saw it last was hilarious...and awesome!  Channing Tatum is a total hottie...but some oldie favorites were in it (Pick a cast member...of the first few seasons and you'll love it).  If you watched this show at all when you were a kid like I will be tickled by the cameo appearances (I caught onto the cameos at least a minute before everyone else did).  The movie hits theaters 16March2012...the same night as the new Snow White with Julia Roberts.

Hope you all like my nail I'm attempting to do some designs of some of the other professionals.  If you like my blog...please sign up to be a follower!!!  I need to know that I am not alone out in cyberspace...obsessing over nail designs!



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