Friday, March 9, 2012

A-England Avalon with Fairy Dust

Well...I did all kinds of chores last night around the house. My mother in law will be up for her grandson's birthday(my husband's nephew) so I needed to wash some bedding and clean up around the joint. You know...prep for the descension of the mother in law and her white glove. Just my wouldn't be white for long! 

So...I originally was going to do some stamping...and I did white french tips first...with Rimmel Pro Line in white...and FingerPaints Natural Talent...but none of the Konad black special polish was going well...
Since it was getting late...I went ahead and threw on this gorgeous A-England Avalon...which I had yet to try.
Boy is it gorgeous...then to make it a little fun...I put on China Glaze Fairy Dust.  Look at that sparkle...from the holo flecks!!! between laundry loads and cleaning the toilets...I also swatched my new China Glaze Hunger Games polishes and some other China Glaze is my swatching!!!

They are definitely the coolest colors...expect more swatching in the near I try to get a handle on all the polish colors that I own!!!

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