Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glitter Time

So...I found all these acrylic nail designs that have glittery tips...and I thought...just because I have natural nails...doesn't mean I can't have some fun.

So, I started with OPI I Lily Love You....which is a gorgeous pink jelly with iridescent glitter.  I french tipped it many had to fix it multiple times.

Then after it dried...I used Confetti (from Forever XXI) in 005 Ice Ice Baby.

So then I had Family Dollar Nailene adhesives I'd picked up for a dollar last week.

So...put them on my ring fingers, pointers, and thumbs!

Kind of a fun...very Girly Glitter Time!

Not my normal kind of nail....but it was fun playing with I Lily Love You.

Until tomorrow...when I'll probably be cursing the decision to go glittery today!  He He He.

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