Sunday, April 22, 2012

NYC Cashmere with Migi nail art pens's Sunday night and what a weekend.  I actually got up and belted out some Pat Benatar's "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" at Bellevue Eagles karaoke on Friday night.  Might have had too many margaritas and beers.

But...funny enough...not really a hangover...just a headache on Saturday.  We slept in way too late...but my daughter and her boyfriend came over today and he helped my hubby work in the yard.

It was a nice Sunday with the kids...she's got her 1st 12 hour shift tomorrow...and he's started working 65 hours a week.  I'm hoping the motivation stays with them...because outlook is good!

So...after relaxing this evening and visiting with my BFF Kelly...I finally got around to my nails.

Tonight...I tried out NYC Cashmere...and my new Migi nail art pens.

I purchased them Saturday at Sam's Club.  We just joined as members...and they had a salesperson at a sample counter with them.  So I picked up the primary colors.

Here's my first playing with them.

As you can see...I just started with a basic flower design.  The yellow and green worked pretty good...but the pink...was a little too runny.  I think I'll try again...and see how it goes next time.  I'm not sure if I fully recommend them yet to anyone!

Have a good week people...I've got to get some rest...early morning meetings tomorrow!

Til we meet again!

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