Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mysterious Curse

Sorry for the delay, but I had technical difficulty last night on so many levels.
First of all...if you hadn't heard...I broke both my thumbnails. The left hand pretty severely.  So...I spent most of the evening fixing it with a teabag and superglue.  Then...I just started checking out my nails and decided I would trim them down.  Well the full process for that is time consuming.

So then I figured why not use one of the Orly Dark Shadows colors again since I liked Grave Mistake soo much.

I chose Mysterious Curse.  Do not like the formula on this one.  It was chunky and streaky.  When it finally dried...a day later it is now readily chipping and scuffing even with Seche Ultra-V topcoat. it is...

I added a little skull and crossbones...with silver stamping using plate SH02.  Just so that it is hard to see in certain adds to the mystery.

No mystery here...not my favorite polish. Was not anything like Grave Mistake which went on fabulously and stayed on well!

So...there are my significantly shorter nails...and I have a teabag patch on  my thumbnail!!!  Oh well...they need to be shorter since I am travelling next week...and without nails break when I travel, you know...picking up luggage...buckling airplane belts!

Check you all out tonight!

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  1. I was just about to buy this online, but I will wait to see the formula in person. This also looks very similar to an older Orly, but I can't think of the name of it...



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